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Real Estate Tips 5 Tips to Help Kids Survive a Family Move While living in a new home in a new city can be an exciting change, the process of moving is often inconvenient for anyone looking to relocate. Very few people look forward to sorting through all of their belongings, packaging everything into boxes, lifting heavy furniture, and then unpacking it all at a new destination. […]
Real Estate Tips What to Do Before You Start Your Home Search Buying a house in Dallas is exciting. The city is rapidly rejuvenating, with many neighborhoods seeing new development and great renovations. The trend indicates long-term appreciation for homebuyers, especially in the historic zip code of 75206, which encompasses Knox-Henderson, Lower Greenville, and other neighborhoods along the eastern edge of Central Expressway. The road to homeownership is time-consuming and […]
Real Estate Tips Realtor vs Real Estate Agent: What’s The Difference? Are you working with a Realtor or a real estate agent? Often, people use the words interchangeably to refer to any individual who handles real estate transactions, but that’s not correct. A real estate professional can be classified as a real estate agent, realtor, and/or broker. The difference between these titles are the levels of education, […]
Real Estate Tips How Electric Cars Are Driving Change For Dallas Real Estate Luxury Meets Technology: How Electric Cars Are Driving Change For Dallas Real Estate Electric cars are driving into the future of real estate and luxury builder Martin Evenson of SouthernView Residential is leading the charge. Take his most current creation for instance, an energy-certified smart home in the coveted Dallas neighborhood of Devonshire. Located on a wide lot suitable for a pool, their […]
Real Estate Tips 5 Things to Consider When Building a Pool Perhaps a pool is at the top of your wish list, but you’re not sure what things to consider when building a pool. Pool installation expert Hank Henry from Riverbend Sandler Pools recently designed a 3-dimensional video giving homeowners a new, interactive way to experience SouthernView Residential’s latest project, an energy-certified, ultra-smart home at 5516 W. Hanover Avenue Dallas, Texas 75209. The 3D tour fills the […]
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