Real Estate Tips July 21, 2022

What to Do Before You Start Your Home Search

Buying a house in Dallas is exciting. The city is rapidly rejuvenating, with many neighborhoods seeing new development and great renovations. The trend indicates long-term appreciation for homebuyers, especially in the historic zip code of 75206, which encompasses Knox-Henderson, Lower Greenville, and other neighborhoods along the eastern edge of Central Expressway.

The road to homeownership is time-consuming and requires proper preparation, especially in a city that’s always buzzing with activity. Stress is inevitable but can be minimized. When you start actively shopping, make sure you do so wisely and within your means. Determine your budget, the features you want in a home (i.e. a large backyard with pool, open-concept floorplan, master bedroom downstairs, in-home office, etc.) and ideal neighborhoods. Despite what you’re pre-approved for, make sure you’re shopping wisely and your price range reflects your fiscal reality. The last thing you want to be is “house poor.”

Dallas transplant from Oklahoma City and Knox/Henderson neighbor, James Clements, says there are two keys to finding your home in Dallas. There’s a lot going on in a large city, so, “first, know yourself and, secondly, have a good realtor.” He hates driving in big cities, but love the outdoors, so he wanted to minimize his commute to work, and live within walking or riding distance of fitness trails, quiet suburban streets, and a lake or green space. Knox/Henderson and its new construction fit the bill.

“I can know myself to the best of my abilities, but if my realtor doesn’t get what I’m trying to say or doesn’t know the city well enough to point me in the right direction, the process of finding a home can take longer than necessary, which costs time, money, and lost opportunities for the right home. Thankfully, the folks at the Hartman-Terilli Realty Group know their stuff. Having them made all the difference,” Clements said.

You are buying a home with a new lifestyle and new friends to follow; it’s a package. Whether you are a Dallasite moving to a new, unfamiliar neighborhood or relocating to the city entirely, it still applies. Use all available resources. A good real estate agent is at the top of the list, though your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members follow closely behind. Also, as with your agent, make sure you find a loan officer that you’re compatible with and get yourself in a strong position with a pre-approval letter because, like Clements said, you don’t want any lost opportunities.

If you’re shopping Dallas or thinking about starting your home search, this Sunday, Aug. 26th is the perfect time for you to experience the rich history, diverse culture, and entertainment value of a lively East Dallas neighborhood during a free three-hour home tour. In a unique collaboration, hyper-local Dallas real estate agents with listings in 75206 will host simultaneous open houses from 1-4 p.m.

On the day of the 75206 home tour event, all agents will use their own directional, and Guaranteed Rate will place a red balloon on the signage at all open houses. For more information, contact Karen Hartman at 214-454-4917 or email at