Real Estate Tips July 21, 2022

5 Things to Consider When Building a Pool

Perhaps a pool is at the top of your wish list, but you’re not sure what things to consider when building a pool. Pool installation expert Hank Henry from Riverbend Sandler Pools recently designed a 3-dimensional video giving homeowners a new, interactive way to experience SouthernView Residential’s latest project, an energy-certified, ultra-smart home at 5516 W. Hanover Avenue Dallas, Texas 75209. The 3D tour fills the gap of imagination on the large lot of this N Devonshire home.

While today’s pool-buying experience is a far cry from the days of pencil sketches and drawing boards, the decision to build one still can be unnerving. Yet, this addition can add long-term value to both your home and family life. Before diving in–pun intended!–there are five things to consider when building a pool.

If possible, hire a contractor you know

Find a reputable pool builder who will listen to your wants and needs. Financial stability, years in business, service after the build, construction techniques and attention to detail and reputation all come into play. Pool construction is no different from any other construction project: you can have unforeseen costs and setbacks, so find a reliable resource. Seek references from friends, family members and even strangers who own pools you like.

Determine your budget 

Consider consulting a financial adviser on the costs and benefits of a pool relative to the value of your home. Decide how much you can afford to spend. The prices for pools can vary significantly depending on materials and the scope of the work. “The starting price for a pool and spa in our market is around $60K, but most of my projects average around $90K and this particular pool, depending on the specifications, would range from $70K to $100K,” Henry said, speaking specifically of W. Hanover.

To get an estimate, schedule a meeting at your home with a pool contractor to discuss your design options and budget. You would probably follow that with a meeting in the contractor’s design center to review designs and materials; from these selections, an estimate can be refined. “The 3-dimensional design would be viewed in my office to help the homeowner understand the specifics of their design, based on what it would look like in their particular yard,” Henry said.

Who will use the pool?

The size and design of your pool will depend largely on the people you expect to use it. Will it be only adults, or will you host a lot of kids who need room to dive and do cannon balls? Or will it be a lap pool, or a retreat for casual sun-bathing and lounging more suitable for adults?

Think about maintenance

A pool can add up to 7 percent in value to your home, but the extent of maintenance is one of the major things to consider when building a pool. If possible, hire trained and certified pool technicians to keep your pool in pristine condition.

Consider your landscaping 

When designing your ideal poolscape, consider the amenities and landscape of your yard. “Look for focal points from inside the house, so you can enjoy the pool from the inside of the home.  Sun angles can help with getting more out of the swim season,” Henry advises. Also, if you’ll need or want to hire a landscaper, remove trees, plant shrubbery and flowers, or otherwise add to the ambiance, that is another cost to consider. But such improvements are certain to add to the value of your home!