Selling A Home July 21, 2022

What’s the Best Time to Sell Your House?

Selecting the right price is obviously a critical factor when putting your home on the market, but there’s another important consideration that is often overlooked – timing. Choosing the best time to sell a house can minimize your stress and maximize your sale price.

Nationwide, the spring selling season is the best time to sell a house. However, which day of the week you list your house can also influence the sale and days on market. You want to pick a day that will make sure people learn about your listing online, especially in the first 14 days when sellers get the most digital traffic.

Think about how your daily routine transitions from the beginning to the end of the week. In the first part of the workweek, Monday-Wednesday, potential buyers are probably not focused on house hunting. They’re returning to work, focusing on other deadlines and trying to make it to hump day. Also, federal holidays generally fall on Mondays.

By Thursday, however, buyers are starting to think about their weekend plans and looking for open houses – that’s the best day to hit the market. Your home will show up on the computer screens of countless buyers as a new listing, setting you up for a successful open house on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Waiting until Friday puts your listing in competition with Friday night fun and other weekend activities that have nothing to do with real estate. Saturday and Sunday listings are too late to catch the action.

And once your house is listed, spread the word with your neighbors, both as a courtesy and because they are the best ambassadors for your street. They will tell their friends about your listing and your neighborhood, and might even encounter people coming to your open house.

While the expression that “timing is everything,” might be overstating it when it comes to real estate, it’s certainly an important consideration when choosing the best time to a sell a house.

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