Selling A Home July 21, 2022

Dallas Home Staging: The Biggest Bang for your Buck

Think of your headshot and how you want others to perceive you, but in this case, it’s how they perceive one of your most prized possessions. Professionally staging your home to appeal to the buyer masses is an invaluable marketing technique. You only have one chance to make a first impression, make sure your home’s online presence is exceptional because even if someone isn’t physically in your house they are constantly analyzing it. Good home staging equates to great photos, which raises desirability and gets prospects in the door.

Every home tells a story and shows the owner’s personality, but in this synopsis, you’re leaving the personality of the home up to the imagination of the buyer. You are dressing your house for success like you would yourself.

A professional stager is an unbiased 3rd party that will tell you over a basic consultation if your home is too cluttered and/or overly personalized. A Buyer will develop an opinion of your house in the first 15 seconds, so maximize your space and get rid of anything that you can live without or don’t need. Or, move items to storage. Remove all personal photos, family heirlooms, anything too ostentatious or anything that could distract a buyer from the star of the show, your home.

“We want to show a warm and comfortable home where the potential buyers find themselves mentally unpacking as they walk from room to room,” says Betty Jeffrey’s, a certified stager with Simply Staged 2 Sell, a home staging company she started in 2011 located in Richardson, TX.

Rearrange the furniture to make the rooms look bigger. For example, if you have a large living room couch that fills the room, replace it with a smaller one. Jeffrey’s says she places the furniture strategically using accessories to make the eye travel throughout the house showing every aspect of it.

Pops of color throughout the home will look great in professional photos and will also help tie everything together. When asked her thoughts on color Jeffrey’s said that she personally uses color in the artwork and accessories and keep the furniture more neutral, which works well in modern and contemporary homes.

Despite being an added expense, home staging can potentially help sell your home faster and supersede the list price. Jeffrey’s most recently staged our listing at 5875 Ross Ave #9 Dallas Texas, 75206.

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