Buying A Home July 21, 2022

HOA vs. NA – Are These Associations Right For You?

Homeowners Associations. Some homeowners love them while others loathe them. If you’re getting ready to purchase a home in Dallas, you may end up selecting a property that falls within an HOA or an NA, neighborhood association. Here is everything you need to know and consider when it comes to these associations.

What is a homeowner’s association?

Simply put, an HOA is a governing body nominated by those in the neighborhood to help ensure that the community looks its best and functions well. According to a report released by, 25% of American’s who own homes live within an HOA community.

HOA Fees

As a Dallas homeowner, it’s important to understand that each HOA varies and you will be required to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees. The fees are structured based on the property size, number of residents, amenities, and more. I encourage you also to find out ahead of time if you could potentially pay additional fees throughout the year to cover unexpected expenses when the reserve fund is not enough. For many homeowner associations, the fees help to maintain common areas such as the entrance to the community, pools, fitness rooms, parks, and other amenities.

HOA Rules

Each Dallas homeowner’s association is going to have its own set of rules called Common Restrictive Covenants, CC&Rs. These government-imposed requirements let you know how the land can be used to help maintain the attractiveness and value of the property. When you find a home in Dallas that you love and you want to make an offer on, you will need to review the CC&Rs during your option period to decide if you’d like to move forward with the purchase. While each community varies slightly, here are a few things to expect.

  • What color you can paint your home
  • Landscaping standards
  • Fencing
  • Security lights
  • Vehicle storage and parking
  • Use of residence

HOA Rule Violations & Missed Dues

When you’re touring Dallas homes within an HOA community, your mortgage company will consider the fees when you’re applying for the loan. This will help you and the mortgage company know if the house fits appropriately within your finances, ensuring the fees won’t put you in a bind.

When it comes to rule violations, the consequence will vary, but it’s important to know that you could potentially face eviction from the property. If something happens and you violate a rule, work with your HOA board to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Benefits of an HOA

For many, when it comes to an HOA, all they can think about are the rules and restrictions put on them. However, there are actually many benefits to living in a Dallas community governed by an HOA. These benefits include maintaining all the common areas, helping to mediate neighbor complaints, and the houses retain their value since the community is always maintained.

Neighborhood Association

A neighborhood association is a group of residents in a neighborhood who advocate for activities within the community. Many neighborhood associations still have elected leaders to help run the group and some even have voluntary dues. The biggest difference between a neighborhood association and a homeowner’s association is an NA is voluntary while an HOA is not.