Just east of downtown, running along the west side of White Rock Lake, Lakewood is home to both impressive estates and charming cottages. What binds the neighborhood together is a love for the community’s combination of natural beauty, easy access to the amenities of the city center, and a fierce commitment to supporting the local elementary school, which is among the best in Dallas.

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Lakewood proper is surrounded by a collection of other historically significant neighborhoods, generally developed from the early 20th century to the 1950s, including Lakewood HeightsJunius Heights Historic District (Bungalow Heaven), Parks Estates, North Stonewall TerraceCaruth TerraceWilshire Heights, Mockingbird Heights, Mockingbird Meadows, Lakewood Hills, Hollywood Heights, and Belmont; among others. Most common areas and names include The M-Streets, or Old East Dallas - which border Historic Swiss Avenue (Mansion Row) anchors the area towards Downtown.

Home styles include a large number of Historic and Conservation Districts reflecting prodigious numbers of Craftsman, Prairie-Four Squares, Tudors, Spanish and Mediterranean Eclectic and Early Ranch homes, many of native Austin stone.

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The Lakewood shopping area is an entire neighborhood of diverse restaurants and shopping venues. Visit one of many trendy restaurants including The Truck Yard, Son of a Butcher and Terilli's. Find a variety of shopping outlets mostly owned by a Lakewood local. 

Activities and attractions

Lakewood has the historic Lakewood Theater, which used to show classic films and host contemporary musical and comedy events. It has been renovated to house a bowling alley and gaming business. Nearby the popular Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens has an extensive children's adventure garden housed within its 66 acres. Both overlook the beautiful White Rock Lake.

One of the year's highlights is the charming Lakewood Fourth of July Parade and Celebration. It reflects the small-time feel in the middle of the city that Lakewood is so well known for. The 2016 theme was Lakewood Dreams Big: in Red, White and Blue.

Lakewood is also home to Lakewood Country Club. Built in 1912, Lakewood Country Club’s three-story clubhouse overlooked a woodland that rolled and tumbled pleasantly over this fast growing East Dallas neighborhood. The Club’s founding fathers knew that the land at the corner of Gaston and Abrams would be a perfect spot for Dallas’ second 18-hole golf course.